José Simão

Teaching activities

Since 2002, José Simão lectures in the Bachelor and Master curriculum at the Department of Telecommunications and Computers (ADEETC) at ISEL.

Over the years he has lectured different disciplines, mostly related to methodologies and programming techniques.

  • Object oriented programming
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Virtual exection environments
  • Methodologies and design patterns
  • Computer security

During this period he has supervised and co-supervised students during their graduation projects, before and after the Bolonha process. Some of those projects were:

  • In-door positioning system based on Wireless Access Points
  • Web-based, secure, closed circuit image broadcast
  • An online petition system with digitial signature using the portuguese citizen card
  • Infrastruture to manage digital identities on the web

Academic record

  • In 2015 obtained a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering by Técnico Lisboa, Universidade de Lisboa, with the thesis Economics-inspired Adaptive Resource Allocation and Scheduling for Cloud Environments
  • In 2008, obtains a pre-bolonha master degree in Computer Engineering by Técnico Lisboa, Universidade de Lisboa. The thesis title was Jano: Serviço de Localização com Garantias de Privacidade, a localization service with privacy guarantees for its users.
  • In 2002, concludes his 5 year Bachelor (3 + 2 years) in Computer Engineering at ISEL – Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa. The final project was a framework to facilitate the communication between groups of distributed processes.